2016 - 2017 Registration

All registration forms are available on this website. There is NOT an option to submit directly from the
form. You need to complete the forms and then save them. They can then be submitted as an
attachment to an email. The forms may also be printed and dropped off or mailed to any of the school
offices. If you choose to email the forms direct them to Patti Petersen at


If you choose to mail the forms address them to:
West Fork Schools                             West Fork Schools
PO Box 617                                         PO Box 16
Sheffield, IA50475                             Rockwell, IA50469


Payment of fees may be made online via PaySchools, which is accessed through the school website, or
fees may be mailed or dropped off at the school offices.


The application for free or reduced school meals requires an original signature and may not be returned
as an attachment. The application needs to be returned to the school either by mail or dropped off at
any school office.


Fees and forms are due by August 12, 2016. Your student(s) will be considered registered for school
when the fees and forms have been received at the school.


Required forms to be returned:
• Registration Fees form & payment
• Student Information form
• Student Permissions form
• Insurance waiver
• West Fork Health History and Questionnaire
• Free/Reduced meal application (where applicable)


Tuesday, August 9, 12:00-6:00 p.m. has been set aside for walk-in registration. You may register your
student(s) at any of the school offices regardless of your student’s attendance center.
If you have any questions please call the school at 822-3234, ext. 1200 (Rockwell campus), 892-4461,
ext. 1101 (high school), or 892-4160, ext. 1100 (Sheffield elementary).